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When is Dog Mom's Day?

How to celebrate Dog Mom Day? Your dog probably has some ideas. For starters, spend the whole day with him. Give him some extra love by letting him sniff the great outdoors at a dog park or nature trail in your area. Some treats or a new toy would be nice. Perhaps there is a dog-friendly eatery nearby where you and your dog can enjoy something refreshing and chat it up with other dog people.

Introducing Dogs on Leashes

So, you and your canine companion are finally out and about, and here comes someone you do not know, walking a dog you do not know. "Hello!" the human exclaims, and their pup seems just as excited to stop and meet your dog. Unlike people, dogs learn about each other by smelling, so what happens next is the two humans' responsibility. The assumption that two dogs will get along immediately because, well, they're dogs is quickly proven false as these two take one sniff and tear into each other, leaving you and this new human yelling and pulling on leashes to break up a fight.

Is My Puppy Crazy?!

Let’s face it, dogs are cute at every age, but nothing beats puppies! Here at Paws Around Motown, we know how exciting it is to have a new furry friend, but adopting a puppy can also be stressful. If it is your first puppy you might not know what “normal'' is for your cuddle buddy. Somedays you might ask yourself, “is my puppy crazy?” We’re here to help! Here is our guide to seven puppy behaviors that are actually normal!

Lyme Disease in Dogs

The weather is getting warmer and your dog is begging to sniff the fresh air and play some ball with you. But before the two (or more) of you get back out into the great beyond, a review of a few facts might be smart. If you love dogs, this is a must-read Q and A.