Posted on 11/20/2021 by
avatarBecky Lea

It's the time of year when we plan our Thanksgiving gatherings and reflect on what makes us thankful. And this year, I suggest looking no further than your furry friend for inspiration!

What do pets know about practicing gratitude? As it turns out, quite a lot! We've compiled a list of the top Four Lessons we can learn from our pets about being thankful this holiday season.

Unconditional Love

Have you ever had a bad day, a day where you felt you couldn't do anything right, or made a miscalculation at work, and come home feeling defeated? I'm willing to bet your pet greeted you the same as always.

This is the beautiful thing about our pets; they don't care if we feel ugly, if we drive the right car, how we dress, or how successful we are – they just care that we're there. This season, we can all focus on loving who and what we have, despite the flaws.

Living in the Moment

Our lives are so busy, we're always thinking about what's next, about capturing the Instagram shot, about what's for dinner, or the news story we heard this morning. Our pets are here for the moment.

If we're out for a walk, they're sniffing all the things, barking at squirrels, enjoying the sun, licking the snow. If you're scratching your cat, their eyes are closed, they're purring, they're enjoying the sensation entirely and thoroughly. We could all take a page out of their books and put down our distractions to live the moment we have right now.


Pets are the ultimate in quick forgiveness. Suppose you've ever accidentally stepped on your pet's tail, been late to serve dinner, or had to throw away a favorite toy because it got too ragged. How long did it take your furry friend to forgive you?

There's an old saying about forgiving not because the person who wronged us deserves it, but because we deserve peace. Especially as we approach the holidays, we will hopefully all find a little more serenity if we can emulate our pets in forgiveness.

Finding Joy

Have you ever watched your cat playfully pounce on a bottle cap? Or a dog enthusiastically burrow into a cozy blanket? What joy a pet can find in the simplest of things! A warm vent or sunbeam, a blowing leaf, or the ultimate, a treat: All are causes for celebration and fun.

What can we do in our lives to find these little moments of joy? Pulling on socks warm from the dryer, the smell of a warm meal on the stove with snow falling outside, the laughter of someone we love – these are all moments that should be acknowledged, even savored. Life does a pretty good job of beating us up from time to time. Finding these small moments can help tip the balance back in our favor.

In short, we can all find more to be grateful for if we follow our pets' lead. If we focus on loving ourselves and others, being present, letting go of grudges, and practicing appreciation for the good in our lives.

We at Paws Around Motown are so grateful, not only for our own pets but for our relationship with you and yours. We thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and to get to know your fur babies! Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous holiday season!