Our new app! by becky

Posted on Sunday, February 03, 2019

Paws Around Motown is a dog walking and pet sitting company located in Oakland County, Michigan. We serve clients in nearly all of Southern Oakland County. We pride ourselves on being the best company ever for dog walking, pet sitting, and training! As we've continued to grow, we needed to rethink the pet sitting client management software that we use to run our business. We needed something that would be user-friendly while offering everything that a pet parent or dog walker/pet sitter could or would need. In our searching, we came across Handlr which we feel meets all of our needs!

Some of the features include real-time reporting for our customers. When your dog walker or pet sitter checks in, you’re notified. When we do our visit update and attach a picture, you’re notified. You can even click the chat bubble and speak directly with your walker! When we check out from service, you’re notified and you can actually go into that notification that your service has been “Handled”, to see where we went with your pet. We think this is a really great feature that allows you, as a customer, to be in tune to what is happening with your pets while we are with them.

This system also offers a lot of great automated features that we need as a business in order to provide the very best customer service and to always be available to our customers. Systems like invoicing, payments, and receipts become automated. Scheduling in a sense becomes automated because when you book, Handlr will input you into the schedule of the dog walker or pet sitter most recently at your home. This frees up lots of time for us to see what services we can offer and what we can do to best fit the needs of every household. We really want to be the go-to dog walker and pet sitter in Oakland County, because we know how we treat these pets and want residents in Royal Oak, Ferndale, Berkley, Bloomfield Hills, etc. to have access to the best dog walkers and pet sitters.

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