Our Guide to Taking the Perfect Holiday Photo of Your Pets

Posted on 12/17/2021 by

The holidays are upon us, and it's time to try to wrangle our fur babies into a cute and cozy holiday picture. Without fail, whenever we try to take the purrfect holiday shot of our pets, they choose that moment to turn into a whirling dreidel of energy or to glare into a flash like a demon instead of one of Santa's little helpers!

Don't worry, though! We're here to help you set the stage for a fantastic holiday shot with our list of tips.

  1. Set the scene Start with where you want to take the photos; keep in mind that a simple background will help the subjects of your photos come out crisp and clean!
  2. Lighting Many pets don't respond well to flashes (plus, we all want to avoid the deer in the headlights look when our pet's eyes catch the light wrong!), so think about how your photo will be lit. Ensure you have lots of good light in the room OR think about shooting early in the day to capture natural light. This leads right into our next tip, which is:
  3. Early Bird The best time of the day to try to photograph your pet is early in the day. They've had their breakfast and hopefully run out their initial energy for the day, but they should still be alert! In the evening, there can be distractions, and they can be tired or unfocused.
  4. Eye on the Ball Make sure you're ready to roll with your pet's favorite toy or treats! Depending on what motivates your furry friend, these will be crucial to getting them to look in the right direction. It's ok if your pet isn't particularly food-driven; sound can be a great way to capture their attention! Think squeaky toys, crinkly noises, or the bells on many cat toys.
  5. Great Art Takes Time Basically, be patient! Our animal friends don't understand our intentions (or the fact that they're so cute we require no less than 4,000 pictures of them on our phones!), so be aware of that and keep the session fun. Remember to take breaks and keep it fun for your pet – their attention spans can be pretty short, and this project can get un-fun for them quickly. If they're having a hard time sitting still, take a play break and then return to it. If it takes more than one try, that's ok! The bloopers will probably be just as good as the actual winning shot.

However your holiday shots of your pets turn out, we're 100% certain that the memories (and ridiculous photos!) will be treasured forever! Even if you don't get that picture-perfect shot, that's ok! Your pictures will reflect your real relationship with your pets, and isn't that even better?

May your holidays be Furry & Bright!