Is My Puppy Crazy?!

Posted on 4/25/2021 by
avatarBecky Lea

Seven Puppy Behaviors That Are Actually Normal

Let's face it, dogs are cute at every age, but nothing beats puppies! Here at Paws Around Motown, we know how exciting it is to have a new furry friend, but adopting a puppy can also be stressful. If it is your first puppy you might not know what "normal'' is for your cuddle buddy. Somedays you might ask yourself, "is my puppy crazy?" We're here to help! Here is our guide to seven puppy behaviors that are actually normal!

Chewing Everything!

"What's in your mouth?" is a phrase that ALL dog owners will use. Puppies especially seem to chew on everything in sight. This is normal! They are figuring out what things are the only way they know-how. Everything looks like a chew toy when they are little! However, this is not safe for your furry friend. To help stop this behavior, place important items out of reach, buy toys that don't look like household items, and supervise your puppy while they play. Playing with your dog is the best way to help them learn what is a toy and what isn't!

Biting Fingers During Play

You might notice that your puppy will nibble on your hand when you play. This is one of the normal puppy behaviors too! When you play with your pup your hands look like play toys! This behavior can be cute when they're little but can be problematic as they grow up. Check out these great training tips from the ASPCA to help stop your dog from biting.


This is another behavior that is very common in dogs of all ages. The reason is simple: they are excited to see you! Puppies especially can be so happy that they can't keep it in. Dogs greet each other nose to nose and they are trying to get up to your level to say hello. Adorable! However, jumping can become dangerous as your puppy gets older. Here is a great article on how to train your dog not to jump!

Peeing In The Home

Yes! Puppy behaviors like this are completely normal. Puppies, just like babies, need to be potty trained. Until they know what to do, they will go whenever and wherever they need to. This can lead to some sticky situations! But with a little bit of training your dog won't pee around the house anymore. If your puppy is already in potty training but continues to do their business inside, try switching up your training techniques!

Climbing On Furniture

Pets of all shapes and sizes will try to climb onto the furniture to be with you. You're their best friend - of course, they want to sit with you. The best part is you get to decide if this is okay! If you want to snuggle with your cuddle buddy on the couch, that's great! Or if you prefer to hang out with your dog while they're lounging on the ground near you, perfect! The most important thing is being consistent in training.

Being Playful VS Being Aggressive

This can be one of the most important puppy behaviors to learn as a pet parent. Playful behavior is normal, aggression is not. Playing and aggressive behavior can look very similar but here are some clues to help distinguish the two.

Normal Play Aggressive Behavior
Play Face Direct Stare
High-Pitched Barking Deep-Toned Barking
High-Pitched Growling Deep-Toned Growling
Loose Body Posture Stiff Body Posture
Behavior Evoked by Play Behavior Evoked by Triggers
Play Bow Lunging Forward Aggressively

Other things to watch out for are tail wagging and ear placement. Most of the time tail wagging means that the dog is having fun, but double check by looking at their ears. If they are pulled back and down the dog is anxious. If they are relaxed then the dog is happy or content.

With all of these crazy puppy behaviors, the most important thing is to be consistent. Training can't be done in a day! Working and playing with your puppy will build your bond and you'll be best buddies before you know it. If you feel like your puppy isn't making progress or training is becoming difficult, we recommend using a trainer. They can offer the extra push your pooch needs! And as always, Paws Around Motown can help with all of your puppy pet care needs. We are here to help in any way we can!